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As many of you already know – I am now part of the Dr Wealth team as an Equity Investment Analyst (for about nearly 3 months now).

It’s hard to believe that I get to do what I love full-time – and especially with an organization with similar values and beliefs about investing.

As much of my time is dedicated there – my content here will (and is beginning to) get lesser. The thoughts that I post here usually cater to seasoned investors – and over at Dr Wealth, for the average investor.

However, I hope to bring some of these more nuanced investment ideas and thought leadership into that space too… but it has to be done gradually (as the average reader starts to understand and appreciate these higher-level thoughts).

My beliefs and analytical processes in value investing has not changed in the last 5 years or so.

In fact, as I learn more and appreciate how others approach investing – I inadvertently strengthen and have more conviction about my own investment process.

Value is the way to go. It’s simple – but not necessarily easy.

As you noticed – a lot of the recent writeups are behind paywalls now.

I realized the value of my research is worth far more than what I’m giving it.

Producing good research consistently is not easy. Anyone can take a paid value investing course or throw in a couple of DCF models and write a “report” – but most times, rational judgment isn’t there.

A lot of my research comes from a multitude of sources – including Bloomberg, Annual Reports and news coverages. My role is to piece them together to form a complete picture (as best I can) of what the business is doing, where it is going in the next couple of years, and if it can successfully fend off competitors and dominate their own market space.

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I try to limit adding my own perspective or “opinion” to the research – because too much of it will color the narrative of the business…

…which is what I want to try to avoid.

I want to look at the business as objectively as I can – and see whether it is investible or not. That is all.

The analytical judgements and decisions an analyst like me has to make – is in the form of deciding what information to keep and what information to discard.

I believe a good analyst will try his or her best to keep, dissect and analyze the information that paints the most accurate and objective picture of the business and its growth plans…

…such that he or she (or any other readers) can make an unbiased and informed decision with regards to investing in the company.

Such is the quality of good investment research, in my opinion.

Same principle applies: Simple – but not easy.

I will be posting lesser here, and mostly behind paywalls…

…But if you’d like to continue reading free (and valuable) investing content from me, head over to Dr Wealth here.

If you’d like to connect with me – my LinkedIn can be found somewhere on the home page… 🙂

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